collection of convenience: scared

by one blue nine

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A continuously changing collection of songs by one blue nine.


released March 20, 2013

All songs written, performed, and recorded by TK Major



all rights reserved


one blue nine Long Beach, California

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Track Name: Always Has Always
It's a long time from nothing to nowhere
but baby i been every where in between
I've thrown down with paupers and and with princes
I've slummed with the sad-eyed pearly surly queen

Always has always escaped me
still you can't break a promise you never made
but i no longer can evade the hard truth
there is something hard that I have got to say

I never thought that I would hear myself say
the things I thought I knew could not come true
I guess that I was just taking the long way
to get to where I say that I love you

Never is the time when I'll be able
to settle my restless aching gypsy soul
but I did not want to wander off the world's edge
unforgiven for the biggest lie I've told
Track Name: Each Word Was Like a Bullet
Each Word Was Like a Bullet

Each word was like a bullet
shot into my breast
each look like a dagger
stabbed into my chest
each tear like a river
carry me to the sea
each time I looked back to the shore
she was looking at me
she was looking at me

my sins won't be forgiven
my crimes can't be undone
my shame it is forever
peace for me... will never come

betrayal is forever
that instant when right goes wrong
each day I go without her
is a thousand lifetimes long
each night goes on 'til never
and the morning just won't dawn
each time I think I've killed the pain
I remember that she's gone

Track Name: This Song's About My Baby [new mix]
This song's about my baby

This song's about my baby
This song's about how I feel
This song's not some fairy tale
This song's about something real

This song is about
3 minutes long
It took twice that long
to write
This song is pretty
much a waste of time
and that pretty much sums up tonight
Hell that pretty much sums up my life
I've been writing the same song
since you said good bye
and I wrote it again tonight

This song won't
end no wars
This song won't save the world
This song is just
another song
about some guy
who lost some girl
It's not the end of the world

This song's about my baby...
Track Name: Towers of the Rich
I woke up this morning
heard a distant rumble
The walls of this city
soon will tumble
-the towers of the rich
will surely crumble
the future my friend
belongs to the meek and the humble...
Track Name: Bristol, Don't Go
There was a time when I knew everything
just about a year ago
there was a time when you wore my ring
and now it's lyin' there in the snow

I thought it would always be you and me
and I thought it could always be so
I thought tomorrows were all just like today
but, now, Bristol, babe, I just don't know...
Track Name: Scared of the Light
From the very first zero
to the very last one
I can see what has happened
I can see what will come

Like a train in a tunnel
like a mole in a hole
like a bullet in a barrel
I know where to go

From the very first day
to the very last night
I’ve been through the darkness
but I’m scared of the light

From the very first zero
to the very last one
I can see what has happened
and I see what must come

From the very first day
to the very last night
I’ve been through the darkness
but I’m scared of the light

(C)2013, TK Major
Track Name: Bebi's Bossa
Track Name: Sometimes
Sometimes I think about ya
think about, think about
think about the things
I thought I'd do for you

Sometimes I wonder
how you're doing now
I think about it
but I think it turned out best
when I think it through

I know I let you down
I let you down, I let you down
I let ya down hard
and blamed it all on you

I threw your love away
and I laughed and I laughed
I laughed until I died
and when I came to...

the world -- it was dead
and I walked around and I walked around
I walked around the world
but I couldn't find you

I tore my soul open
it was empty, it was empty
a tunnel into nowhere
and I never got thru

sometimes I think about ya
think about ya, think about ya
think about the world I mighta had with you

(C)1999 TK Major
Track Name: This Perfect Day
This Perfect Time

the petals drift through the warm spring air
got my hand in your pocket got my nose in your hair
got my heart on my sleeve and it's all too clear
that everything i want is all right here

this perfect time this perfect place
a perfect tear slides down your face
It's such a shame
It's such a shame...

the rain comes down all night long
and we just lie here until the dawn
the worlds in your eyes and you're in my arms
everything I wanted right here all along

this perfect time this perfect place...

one last kiss one last sigh
one last wish though you know it's a lie
One more laugh just to not have to cry:
"I'll love you baby, til The End of Time

this perfect time this perfect place
a perfect tear slides down your face
It's such a shame
It's such a shame......

(C1999 TK Major
Track Name: 10,000 Years
10,000 years

Up against the wall
the moon was in her eyes
I felt her heart beat
I heard her sigh

I touched her cheek
a tear met my hand
Didn't know it then
but that tear fell to her plan

10,000 years
is not a day too long
since the world began
I've been hangin round here
waiting for you to come along

I have seen that shining light
one too many times
I have heard the angels sing
while I riddled the devil's rhymes

"I have seen your eyes
burn into my soul
I have seen the truth
and I will never again be whole"

I'd do it all again
and still come back for more
I know how it's all gotta end
but I'll never know what it's all for

Until the end of time
there's not that long to go
I thought I knew heaven's secrets
what the hell did I know?

10,000 years...
Track Name: BFD2Fresno

I know you wonder how I'll get along
What will the lost boy do -- now the smart girl's gone?
I haven't seen the world but there's one that I know
You were just a short short ride -- on a long long road...

First time I saw you -- didn't know what to do
I tried to catch your eye -- but you just came barreling through
all the boys scattered -- and the sparks began to fly
I just stood there -- you fillin up my mind

Don't know why you chose me -- [Guess] I thought that it was fate
The door swung open --I threw my old life away
my hometown in your rearview -- my feet on your daddy's dashboard
Didn't take long til I saw just what I was for

I know you wonder how I'll ever get along...

From Bakersfield back to Fresno -- and everywhere in between
Everything was wrong -- and it was all because of me
At the bottom of the hill I said "here will l be fine"
Last time I saw you you was just another grape on the vine

I know you wonder how I'll ever get along...

(C)1999, TK Major
Track Name: Static No Baby
Don't give me no static, baby.